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QUALICOAT is an internationally recognised “organisation quality mark”, the objective of which is to maintain and improve the quality of surface finishing of aluminium and its alloys, especially their architectural applications. The mark can be awarded only to an organisation (powder coating plant, paint producer or producer of pre-treatment chemicals) that meets QUALICOAT’s stringent requirements on quality. 

QUALICOAT works for the benefit of clientswho have their products painted. The QUALICOAT organisation (domiciled in Switzerland) defines the requirements on quality and monitors whether licensed organisations abide by these requirements. This guarantees that when doing business with a licensed company, the client buys a quality product (e.g. surface finish) with a long lasting value and constant quality. 

QUALIDECO is a quality mark which defines and regulates decorative surface finishing of materials (such as wood pattern effects). It encompasses a broad spectrum of applications of attractive surface finishes based on transferring images onto a painted surface, or a so-called powder-on-powder application system, using suitable technologies. Other technologies may be used only if they have been approved in advance by the QUALIDECO committee.


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VIDEO References



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