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The shape of KLASIK SPA enclosure is based on the most popular enclosure on our market - model series of Klasik Enclosure. It is specially designed to cover hot tubs and mini swimming pools. Elegant enclosure with pinewood decor finish perfectly suits every garden and location. Its sophisticated design perfectly fits the surroundings and will not affect the character of your garden.
  • Klasik SPA
  • Klasik SPA
  • Klasik SPA
  • Klasik SPA
  • Klasik SPA
  • DB703 or custom finish on the frame
  • structure made of high-quality aluminum alloy AlMgSi
  • 4 supporting profiles on module
  • hinged right-hand door in front wall
  • side entrance combined with sunroof in large module
  • 40 x 40 mm profiles
  • trackless system – possibility to slide the enclosure behind the spa area
  • fixed module section panel, front and rear wall of moving module section: 4 mm clear organic glass
  • large module panel, roof, side entrance: 8 mm single-cell double wall clear polycarbonate with NO DROP surface treatment, U = 3,3 W/m2K
  • electric drive set + remote controller
  • safety elements to avoid nipping




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Klasik Spa Details

Electric Drive
remote control for opening the moving module section, safety elements to avoid nipping
Aluminium profiles
size of 40 x 40 mm, alloy AlMgSi, surface finish – WOOD DÉCOR Pine Tree + Silver ELOX, 4 supporting profiles on the module
Enclosure Materials
moving module section roof + side entrance, 8 mm single cell double wall clear polyarbonate with UV
protection; heat passage coefficient of 3,3 W/m2K,
the material includes the NO DROP surface treatment
– limits overall air humidity condensation on inner sides of enclosure into water drops
Fixed Module Section
blocked, possible sliding, lockable, enclosure material – 4 mm clear organic glass with UV protection; heat passage coefficient of 5,24 W/m2K
right-hand hinged door, clearance of 90 cm, lockable with safety lock (2) and child lock, door-step 10 cm above ground
Bottom Edge
enclosure clearance is 50mm. Gap filled with cover foil avoiding heat losses and formation of impurities
Side Entrance
fixed module section, lockable with a safety lock and key, sliding to the right, combined with a sunroof


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VIDEO References



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Wed, 25 Nov 2015

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