Perfect Dallas

Hot tip for new season - low enclosure Dallas with Silver ELOX surface treatment, clear plexi glass 4 mm and elegant side door will perfectly fit into your garden and it will attract everybody passing by.

  • Three profiles on the module

    Three profiles on the module

  • Removable front wall

    Removable front wall

  • Side door with choice left or right side

    Side door with choice left or right side

New low enclosure Dallas

Main features of this kind of Idealcover enclosure:

  • European quality for a friendly price
  • the most popular enclosure on the market
  • quick and easy assembly
  • high stability and endurance
  • all modules are movable for easy storage behind the pool
  • standard delivery in a box (minimal risk of damage during transfer)

Technical characteristics:

  • Silver ELOX or custom surface finish on the frame Surface finish on the frame
  • UV protection
  • NO DROP surface treatment, limiting the overall precipitation of air humidity
  • side door on the left or right side according to the choice
  • standard track – easy to maintain
  • axial distance of the rails 70 mm
  • profiles 40 × 55 mm
  • height of the lower edges from the ground 10 cm
  • removable front wall panel
  • fixed back wall panel


The appearance of the RAL colours may differ depending on properties and settings of your screen or printer.
We suggest you to ask your sales representative who will show you or provide you with a certified printed RAL chart.

Dallas Details

Dimension of the profile 40x55 mm, alloy AlMgSi, Silver ELOX surface, 3 carrying profiles on each module (2 on the edges of the module and 1 supporting in the middle).
Back wall panel
- undetachable
Side door
Variable position right / left door in the left or right side of the module, 4 possibilities of placing of the side door in the biggest module.
Arrangement of rails
Axial distance 7 cm, consisting of profiles triple and double-rail, ELOX surface treatment, parallel, possibility of additional purchase of extension, terminated with stop ending.
Front wall panel
Removable using handles in order to simplify the enclosure handling.
Cover material
8 mm single cell double wall polycarbonate with UV protection. The heat passage coefficient is 3,3W/m2 K. This material contains NO DROP surface treatment, limiting the overall precipitation of air humidity on inner surfaces and formation of water drops.
The bottom edges
Of the horizontal cross members of the front and back wall, at 10 cm height above terrain level, gap under the cross member serves to protect the bottom cross member of the wall from hitting the upper edge of the pool during he movement of the modules on the rails together with the wall. The gap is filled with a protective foil preventing heating discharge and penetration of umpurities.






VIDEO References

VIDEO References



Exhibition in Canada 2015

Wed, 25 Nov 2015

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