The largest manufacturer of swimming pools and enclosures in Europe

Company ALBIXON is involved in the manufacture of swimming pools and enclosures for over 20 years. In our own development center we work with the latest trends and technologies that are focused on continuous quality improvement, safety, functionality and design of all our products.

We emphasize first and foremost on quality. We have recognized dozens of patents and industrial patterns for swimming pools and enclosures. We work exclusively with leading manufacturers and suppliers such as BRILIX or Jacuzzi. Our products meet customer requirements not only in the Czech Republic but also in abroad, where the products are exported under the trade mark IDEALCOVER.

We offer among other things for example:

  • ALBISTONE in-ground swimming pools of various shapes and sizes
  • swimming pools with overflow edge, which are the top technology among garden and interior pools
  • series made production of swimming pool enclosures
  • custom made production of enclosures according to clients' requirements and needs
  • wide range offer of BRILIX swimming pool accessories and equipment
  • the swimming pool equipment "Pool without chemicals"  for non-chemical maintenance of pool water
  • a diverse model range of enclosures - Klasik, Klasik PRO, Klasic Excellence, Monaco, Monaco Future, Casablanca, Casablanca Infinity, Dallas
  • enclosure produced with using no-rails system - models Klasik No-line
  • enclosure of whirlpools - Klasik Spa and Dallas Spa
  • atypical enclosure, thanks to which we can cover almost everything (enclosure to wall, car cover… etc.)
  • spas – we offer ALBIXON or economy model
  • infracabines, solar showers and other complementary products
  • wastewater treatment plants and plastic tanks

As the only company in the Czech Republic we have our own powder paint plant. This allows us produce swimming pools in different shades according to RAL chart. Our powder paint plant has also Decoral line, which allows 3D decorative painting patterns with the structure of wood, marble, granite, jeans, rain and more.

Swimming pools

Are you looking for a swimming pool?

Let´s choose from our wide range of above ground or in-ground ALBISTONE (polypropylene) and fiberglass swimming pools. Variety of shapes and used technology will satisfied the most demanding customers. Our latest product, in-ground swimming pool with overflow system, meets the latest trends in pool industry.

More relax and less work – with our Brilix swimming pool equipment and pool technology you can enjoy crystal clear and clean water and save your time.

Our program "Pool without chemistry" will help you to reduce the chemicals necessary for water treatment.

Upgrade your in-ground swimming pool, secure it and heat it without any additional heating system – telescopic swimming pool enclosures are the right choice.

  • Swimming pools directly from the manufacturer
  • Swimming pools of many technologies
  • Long life swimming pools
  • The possibility of producing ALBISTONE pools of different and variable shapes and sizes
  • Swimming pools with overflow edge without balancing tanks
  • Easy ground work for pool installation
  • Wide range of accessories for automatic maintenance of pool water
  • Chemical-free treatment technology of swimming pools
  • Renovation of old swimming pools
  • Wide range of world-class swimming pool equipment
  • Enclosure for your pool


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Smart line


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